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Do You Stare at a Computer All Day? You Could Be Hurting Your Eyes!

Do you spend all day staring at a computer screen and cell phone, and all night at a tablet and a TV? Do you experience eyestrain, blurred vision, dry eyes, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain? Then you might have Computer Vision Syndrome! According to the American Optometrist Association, people can experience CVS when they spend a long amount of time looking at digital screens. And unfortunately, it gets worse the more you use digital screens.

The main culprits are the glare on a digital screen, bad lighting, viewing from too close or two far, bad posture, or uncorrected vision issues… or a combination of any of these problems! For most people, a small “screen vacation” will cure these symptoms – but for others, leaving it untreated will worsen as time goes on.

Want to reduce or prevent Computer Vision Syndrome? Check out the AOA’s informative page on Computer Vision Syndrome!

Worried you might have Computer Vision Syndrome? Click HERE to chedule an appointment so we can have a look!

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